Newtown-Sandy Hook Ct Tribute – 1 yr Memorial Song

13 Dec

A touching sense of what the survivors must have experienced this year from that tragic day.


“Expression of Praise: worship as a ‘Response’ to the Holy Spirit” – Rachelle Bleakley

10 Dec

This morning (11-23-2013) the Lord spoke these  words to me….. He said, “Rachelle, expression isn’t the Holy Spirit moving in a place and many of my people have gotten this mixed up. ”   I pondered that statement a second, and He immediately went on to say….  “expression is an ACT  OF  WORSHIP and a response TO  THE HOLY SPIRIT”…. I said Yes Lord, I get it…. and so is this why “emotionalism” is many times mixed in and mistaken for the Holy Spirit moving in a place?  He said “yes, and my people have had a lack of this understanding of WHO the Holy Spirit is.  Please make this plain to my people and teach on it as someone needs to hear & receive this message.  So, here I am….

You see, many church arenas across the nations worship in all different ways…. some quietly, some loudly, some charismatic (maybe hoopin’ & hollarin’),  some more reserved (maybe more introspective or conservative in their belief systems etc…).  In either case, the ENABLING & EMPOWERMENT to destroy yokes (or otherwise known as the ANOINTING) comes from the Holy Spirit and can operate Everywhere!  Certain atmospheres’ are more “outwardly expressive” to worship, than others.  However, expressions are not always the Holy Spirit moving IN someone necessarily, but rather sometimes, their expression “To” the Holy Spirit as an act of worship.  These arenas are marked, usually, as memorable moments for the receiver being blessed, and usually a marker in their life when they “felt” or “sensed” the presence of the Holy Spirit moving freely in.  I personally, love to be in these arena’s as you can always connect with somebody on some level as they do not hide their expression, and I find it is easy for the Holy Spirit to show up and move to do miracles, signs, and wonders, as His invitation is made LOUD and MADE KNOWN! However, do not discount the other acts of quiet worship, introspective & more reserved settings, or the lives of others, just because they don’t outwardly express themselves vocally, physically, or otherwise…. as this does not dis-credit their anointing any less or mean the Holy Sprit isn’t moving!  

For example, did you ever hear or see Jesus jerking & hollarin’  like some saints do, jumpin’ like they just won the a billion dollars?!  Forgive me for chuckling…. as I know this is funny to imagine…. However, in their culture for that day, that wasn’t their custom at all…. who knows what Jesus would be like today – He’d for sure have set a new world record of how long he could dance/jump on once leg while preaching under the power of the Anointing!  Ah Hah!   Anyway, back to my message…. acts of giving and service – all are acts of worship to the Lord & the Holy Spirit who comes along side those acts to further equip, enable, empower, comfort, & encourage us to continue expressing in this way.  He also anoints (enables the blessing for yoke destroying empowerment) those acts of worship for His purposes and plans in the life or lives of ourselves and others!   So, don’t forget that a bunch of goose bumps and jitters isn’t necessarily always the Holy Ghost – you must discern and test the spirits to be sure it is the Holy ghost and not just human emotions & flesh.  Now, don’t shout me down before I’m done….. just like anything in life – sometimes we start off in the flesh by making a conscious decision or choice to do something, right?  Have you ever started giving a lot of money as an offering, and out of your flesh, you were like….”waddjha say Lord? Are u sure it’s you Lord…? I gotta test this spirit….” ha ha (no you don’t, as the devil will never tell you to be a giver! so trust God on this).  How ’bout when you did this, you may have started out with some fear, doubt, worry, unbelief about how you will manage without it and make your budget of bills that month etc… then SUDDENLY!  The Lord provides miraculously!  Same can hold true and explain why some may start off in worship, teaching, preaching, evangelizing, pastoring etc… with expressions of emotion (which is part of the flesh-MIND, WILL, EMOTIONS)  but end up totally in the Spirit & will of God by the end, because the Holy Ghost comes on the scene to do His will.  We may not all start out in the Spirit of God right out of the gate, but we should, through a regular lifestyle of fasting, prayer and reading the word, “be ready in or out of season.”  So be wide-eyed for the “emotionalism” on TV and other area’s and judge the spirit as scriptures tells us to…. but also, hold onto to see when God will also come on that scene and take that person from flesh to Spirit and watch the anointing flow out of people!  That is worth a shout of Praise right there and worth the wait…! Some super spiritual folks don’t get to see this as they bail out too soon….. Hmmmm thats another topic for another day on legalism…

You see, although there can be a lot of “hoopin” but sometimes no Holy Ghost…at all (which is sad), there can be just as many “hoopers & hollerers” as an expression of worship to the Holy Ghost – and when you draw on that power and tap into the “expression of your praise”, our mighty God shows up with the angels in heaven and He hears a people who are hungry and expressive!  A people who aren’t worried about what it looks like or sounds like, even if it’s not quite God yet, and it’s your own expressing of emotions, but you just came out to praise Him anyhow – and if He wants to move through you then you make room and make an atmosphere for Him!  If you don’t even recognize the difference, then this message if for YOU.  He blesses you anyhow, because He looks on the heart, sacrifice of praise, the walk that you endured to get there, the trials the bondage that you had to overcome etc…. and Jesus says,” if your heart is sold out to me – totally committed and totally persuaded, I will honor it and MOVE in that place” and believe me, He will.   Others around you receive, God never wastes anything!  In closing,  I believe the Lord wanted this little nugget to teach someone how to crossover, and cautiously wait on His leading and not your emotions. He is always there to pick you up, teach, refine and cause us to be used in a great & mighty way when we’re humbled and teachable to receive knowledge in this area.   Sometimes you are called to minister to one – sometimes many.  Wherever you are in your walk, trust the Holy Spirit that He knows what He is doing, and whether you think He showed up or not, just don’t dwell on that.  Be transparent with people – real emotions speak to PEOPLE….but remember, they also speak to God as it’s an “expression” and an act of worship TO the Holy Spirit that brings Him glory and calls Him onto the scenes to anoint you for your purpose for that “one or many” you’ve been called to minister to.  God Bless You Saints!   ~   Rachelle Bleakley

Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement

13 Sep

The Fall Feasts of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot are a time to examine our lives, make a fresh commitment,  get ready for a spiritual new year and live in the power and presence of God like never before!  This is 1 of 3  God appointed  “meeting times”  with the Lord Jesus that we can celebrate in each year!  Paul taught us that we are neither Jew nor greek.  We have been made joint heirs with Christ and are grafted “In Him”!  So, even though my natural parents weren’t jewish, my Heavenly Daddy is!  I get so excited celebrating, studying & sharing our Jewish roots in Jesus!  In this season of Atonement, Yom Kippur – the most solemn of the Holy Days…  the power & annointing of God is released to REVERSE every curse and RELEASE every blessing – reconnecting us to our covenant promises (as described in Leviticus 16)  through the 7 places Jesus shed His blood.  God Almighty releases  7 anointings –  WITH a double portion, upon His people as they observe this day!

The 7 Blessings are: 
A double portion from the Lord
Financial breakthrough
Restoration of all you have lost
The divine presence of Jesus Himself
Revelation knowledge pouring into your life
Deliverance from every obstacle and bondage

For example, if you have had a really tough year, and the devil has tried to bring stuff back up in your lives, we can always stand in full confidence knowing that Jesus has already washed us clean from ALL our sins… Not one spot of guilt remains.  Our Sacrifice, Jesus, shed His blood and died as our permanent atonement for sin.  Lets say it’s just really been one of those seasons or years…  and it’s been one thing after another after another etc… you are almost worn out!  Now,  if you take that truth, above (which is applicable any day of the year) and you purpose yourself at this time of Yom Kippur season, to separate, observe & self reflect  (repent , fast, pray etc…) and bring a bountiful offering,  (sow seed into the ground for your harvest)  a supernatural anointing is released by God Almighty, and He honors your following year to come!  When you walk in reflection of this fact, you can declare, decree & proclaim your victory with utmost faith that at God’s appointed meeting times  you CANNOT be denied!  Isn’t this exciting news?  It is guaranteed!  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to celebrate deeper in all that Jesus celebrated in and all that He did for us on that cross!

(Exodus 23, Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16, Joel 2)

Rachelle Bleakley – Min. of Music /Psalmist   @ Christ is Life Ministry Outreach Inc.

When life takes unexpected turns that seem to delay your vision & destiny….

7 Feb


Along our journey, we are not immune to the trials of life.  Jesus prepared us by saying when we experience trials and tribulations, do not to fear- as He had overcome the world.

During my devotional time this morning, this scripture hit home with me.  Regardless of what situations I’m tossed about in, I choose to praise Him always for who He is, not for what He can do for me. The cross was a finished work…. He already did everything I need! If I’m not experiencing that full manifestation, there are many reasons and variables involved, and it’s up to  me to navigate through those times of seeking wisdom, gaining knowledge & understanding, and just remain in His presence.  In the meantime, and however long your “meantime” takes….. be determined to Praise & Worship God anyhow! It’s a powerful tool & weapon when you are being attacked from all sides and continually challenged.  Remember, there is always an adversary (the Devil) who’s ultimate job is to TRY and challenge your authority and trip you up – daily.  My eyes fell upon this scripture this morning, and I thought I would share it. Sometimes, these challenges just come with the territory of what your called to do.

   If anyone speaks, let it be as the words of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as of the ability which God gives, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ, to whom is the glory, and the might forever and ever. Amen. 1Pe 4:12

  Beloved, do not be astonished at the fiery trial which is to try you, as though a strange thing happened to you, 1Pe 4:13  but rejoice according as you are partakers of Christ’s suffering, so that when His glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy. 1Pe 4:14    If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of God and of glory rests on you.

Now, isn’t that a reassuring? I love how God gives us these nuggets throughout His precious Word, to encourage us to press forward and walk in His grace when we hit hurdles in this life.  I’ve determined myself  NOT  to put much attention and focus on the distractions that this life has, but to keep my eyes on the promises of God. One of which I live by daily… “I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me.” Phi 4:13   Be encouraged today that no matter what your situation is, God has already seen the end from the beginning, and has made a way out for you! Spend more time with Him and increase your worship time, He will bring about the wisdom you need to make your next move. God Bless!

Have you ever been stuck in a generation of revelation?

26 Jan

I have often wondered if we are being  “duped”  by a generation’s  revelation….. old & new generations that is…. At times, I believe we can all get stuck in a mindset of  theologys & doctrines (which are all very relative & highly important), but really miss the greater calling for lost souls to ChristYou’ve heard the saying’s, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, and don’t under estimate the adversary and his devices against the church”.  So, be careful who you listen to, and stay in the Word of God always, as it’s our ultimate anchor and guide in life. There is no greater teacher than the Holy Spirit…. (and oh, yeah…. my pastor who always “hit’s it outta the park” every week with his preaching).  If you need teaching & training for any situation, or you know someone who does, listen anytime online to our live streaming messages for biblical life coaching skills that will help anyone in whatever situation they are in – (especially if they don’t know Christ yet!)  Tune in here… and click on archives for prior services.

God Bless You, and may the Peace of God rest upon you today.


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